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The Quantitative and Computational Systems Science Center (QCSSC), which was established in 2014 under the LMUexcellent programme, is a forum for intensive interdisciplinary cooperation between researchers from various academic disciplines. The main aim of the QCSSC is to foster both existing and new collaborations between researchers from quantitative and computational research fields (mathematics, informatics, and statistics) with scientists from various other research areas (e.g. biochemistry, bioinformatics, physics, economics and finance, linguistics, philosophy) at the LMU in order to enhance an exchange between theory/methodology and data/application. The Center provides an ideal environment for interdisciplinary seminars, workshops, conferences, study programs, networks, and research projects.

What is Quantitative and Computational Systems Science?

Modern sciences face new and diverse challenges that cannot be addressed by traditional experimental approaches alone, but that require the development of sophisticated quantitative and computational techniques. In many academic disciplines, ranging from biology, biochemistry, medicine, and physics to economics and finance as well as the social sciences, computational methods and mathematical models play an increasingly crucial role. Results from large-scale experiments need to be assessed for statistical significance, especially when the trials can be replicated only a limited number of times. In all these areas, there is a strong need for efficient computational, mathematical and statistical tools, methods, models and innovative approaches.